How to install deepin 20.7

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From the release announcement:
“Deepin is the top Linux distribution from China, devoted to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable operating system for global users. (Global Ranking)
In deepin 20.7, we have developed and integrated a great number of practical functions based on the community users’ feedback, synchronized with the upstream kernel version, fixed underlying vulnerabilities, upgraded the Stable kernel to V5.15.45, added the HWE 5.18 kernel to be compatible with more devices, and further improved system compatibility and security. Welcome to try it!
The HWE 5.18 kernel is added to be compatible with more hardware devices and further improve system compatibility and security.
An entry for applying for internal testing has been added in Control Center. After submitting your application on the webpage, the repository sources for internal testing are automatically added. The whole process only takes two clicks, easier for users to participate in the internal testing.
The functions and UI interfaces of keyboard layouts and input methods have been fully optimized, so as to meet the usage habits of both Chinese users and overseas users…”

deepin (formerly, Deepin, Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Debian-based distribution (it was Ubuntu-based until version 15 released in late 2015) that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly and reliable operating system. It does not only include the best the open source world has to offer, but it has also created its own desktop environment called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment which is based on the Qt 5 toolkit. Deepin focuses much of its attention on intuitive design. Its home-grown applications, like Deepin Software Centre, DMusic and DPlayer are tailored to the average user. Being easy to install and use, deepin can be a good Windows alternative for office and home use.

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OS Type: Linux
Based on: Debian
Origin: China
Architecture: x86_64
Desktop: Deepin
Category: Desktop
Status: Active

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