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From the release announcement:
“The BunsenLabs team is happy to announce the release of BunsenLabs Beryllium, based on Debian ‘Bullseye’. Here are some features: a handsome ‘Dragon’ black theme – if you’re not used to dark themes, give Dragon a few days and you might appreciate it more; the BLOB utility helps you to to quickly switch to another set of theme configuration; the jgmenu menu has been refreshed and the search facility might now be more useful; the Welcome script will check for missing Debian apt sources (eg. after offline install) and offer to add them; also in the Welcome script, an offer to check for missing firmware and install; BLOB, conky and tint2 utilities improved, and various tweaks and bug fixes applied elsewhere; the documentation still needs work, but some bunsenLabs help files have been added or improved.”

BunsenLabs Linux is a distribution offering a light-weight and easily customizable Openbox desktop. The BunsenLabs distribution is based on Debian’s Stable branch and is a community continuation of the CrunchBang Linux distribution.

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OS Type: Linux
Based on: Debian (Stable)
Origin: Global
Architecture: i686, x86_64
Desktop: Openbox
Category: Desktop
Status: Active

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