Nitrux 2.7.0 overview | #YourNextOS — Boldly Different

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Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Debian’s Unstable (sid) branch with additional packages pulled in from Ubuntu LTS repositories. Nitrux strives to be a distribution suitable for laptops and desktop computers. Its main desktop environment is NX Desktop, a KDE Plasma desktop enhanced with “plasmoids” to create a special blend of aesthetics and functionality. The project also focuses on using redistributable, portable applications using the AppImage format. Registration with an e-mail address was required to download this distribution, however public downloads have been available since mid-2020.

OS Type: Linux
Based on: Debian (Unstable)
Origin: Mexico
Architecture: x86_64
Desktop: JWM, NX Desktop (KDE Plasma)
Category: Desktop, Live Medium
Status: Active

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