How to install OpenMandriva Lx ROME 23.03.

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The OpenMandriva distribution is a full-featured Linux desktop and server, sponsored by the OpenMandriva Association. It was based on ROSA, a Russian Linux distribution project which forked Mandriva Linux in 2012, incorporating many of Mandriva’s original tools and utilities and adding in-house enhancements. The goal of OpenMandriva is to facilitate the creation, improvement, promotion and distribution of free and open-source software in general, and OpenMandriva projects in particular. OpenMandriva has traditionally been a fixed release distribution, but in 2023 the project began releasing an alternative rolling branch called ROME.

OS Type: Linux
Based on: Independent
Origin: France
Architecture: x86_64
Desktop: GNOME, KDE Plasma
Category: Desktop, Live Medium, Raspberry Pi

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